Julia M. Rahn, Ph. D.

Over more than twenty years, Dr. Julia Rahn has built a varied career in clinical practice, over the span of which a unifying theme has clearly emerged: to achieve the best outcomes, you must work with the whole person. This is the key to Dr. Rahn’s success in helping individuals and families to define personal goals and to make progress towards those goals. Harnessing the depth and diversity of her clinical experience, Dr. Rahn helps her clients to leverage their strengths to alleviate depression, manage anxiety or other difficult emotions, and to improve relationships with others—as well as with themselves.

Dr. Rahn’s own professional journey has taken her throughout the Midwest, with numerous clinical externships culminating in an internship at the University of Wisconsin, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Dr. Rahn has developed her practice as program director for a pediatric development center, professor of psychology at two universities in Illinois as well as an entrepreneur. As Director of Studio for Change®, Dr. Rahn has sought to create a space within which her clients have access to a rich variety of therapeutic efforts and resources; adding to the Studio’s primary focus on psychotherapy, Dr. Rahn’s practice makes frequent referrals to professionals in nutrition, fitness and hypnosis, and makes frequent recommendations for external resources such as books, art, and social or networking events.

Dr. Rahn is available for speakerships, and has experience in public speaking, television and radio appearances, as well as in publishing for both professional and lay audiences.

When Dr. Rahn isn’t wondering how the world could be a better place to live in and what her role in this change should be, she enjoys participating in spin classes, taking walks by the lake, and visiting her heartland in Northern Michigan.

Please note: Julia is not taking new clients at this time

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