Jodi Daniel, MA, LCSW

Jodi embraces a practical approach to therapy, encompassing a variety of therapeutic modalities, to address numerous emotional issues, including anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, adolescent issues, family dysfunction, LGBTQ issues, OCD, personality disorders, mental health disorders, and trauma. She has worked with individuals, couples, families, groups, and communities.
Jodi knows that we all view life through our own lens, and equally that all our lenses are cracked. Each experience adds a new “crack,” skewing our view (for better or worse) of ourselves, others, and the world around us. Exploring our own, unique context allows space for understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, empathy, healing, growth—and change!

Jodi’s practice begins where the client is at, and remains centered on the client and their strengths. She establishes safety and trust to allow for a collaborative and authentic therapeutic relationship, dynamically re-evaluating as therapy progresses to ensure that the client’s primary concerns and needs are met. Jodi firmly believes that successful therapy not only relieves symptoms but fosters inner capacity and resources to allow clients to live with greater freedom, contentment and possibility.

Jodi helps her patients to understand and accept themselves as the foundation for emotional insight, mood regulation and improved interpersonal patterns and attachment styles. She empowers clients with greater skills for communication and self-expression. Such self-acceptance, emotional insight and skillful communication combine to foster greater empathy for others.

Jodi is available for therapy with individuals (teenagers and adults), couples and families.

Jodi and her husband enjoy sharing their lives with their two mini-dachshunds (their “furry children”). The beach is Jodi’s happy place and she loves traveling as much as possible to broaden her concept of people, herself, and the world we live in.

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