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“I’m fine.” With teens, this frequent claim often masks struggle: social isolation, school anxiety and schoolwork avoidance, excessive screen and video game time, experimentation with substances, hopelessness, helplessness and thoughts of self-harm. You name it, teens suffer it, and most don’t even know yet just how common such struggles are. Seeking to camouflage their pain, many teens simply try to “ram through” to no avail, and simply give up.

We Connect

At the Studio for Change, our work with teens starts simply—we listen. Not just “another adult” telling your teen what to do, our therapists foster rapport and trust to create a space for teens to process their emotions. We leave judgement at the door, as teens feel more than enough of that from themselves, their peers and others outside. With time and trust, we help teens to move toward understanding of their own behaviors, and those of the other figures in their lives. With understanding in place, we empower teens to embrace hopeful, courageous change, sorting the real from the imagined, and the helpful from the unhelpful.

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