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Have you been struggling to help your child, inundated with opinions from all corners but feeling you lack the resources to fully help…afraid most of all of what will happen if nothing changes? Well, at Studio for Change, you are not alone. With extensive experience in child behavioral and learning issues, the Studio’s therapists take an approach geared toward your child’s developmental level, listening closely to your child’s behaviors, as they give vital clues about the way forward.

Listening To Behavior

Because we know that the process of change only works when it works for everyone, we take great care to integrate the family into therapy with interventions that keep the family as a whole in mind. We move beyond “labels” to help your child build skills and behaviors that will serve them well. And though this process can be difficult, we invite laughter and full hearts into our work. For your child, your family and you, child therapy at the Studio can be a positive, affirming step, with something new to be learned at every session.

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