Studio for Change Philosophy

We’re here to find your next best steps in life

Before I introduce you to The Studio for Change, let’s take a moment to consider the beginning, the ending and the inspiration for all that we, at The Studio, do—YOU.

Who are you?

  • You are a whole person, multi-layered, evolving, curious and searching for meaning. You are, in other words, so much more than a diagnosis.
  • You may feel “stuck”, uninterested in the familiar patterns of conventional therapy or disappointed in its previous results.
  • You are hungry to engage in an ongoing process of self-discovery and transformative change; hungry to know that the possibility of such a journey exists, even if you don’t know how to take the first step.

And that is where The Studio comes in…

  • As therapists at The Studio, we are people who see people, in all their splendid struggles, murkiness and triumphs.
  • We see struggle as opportunity, as an invitation to embark on your Life’s Journey—to travel within, to see The Self, to bring it forward into expression and thereby transform it.
  • We are relational, because we know that trusting, deep interaction is essential to the wondrous and sometimes terrifying elements that are at the core of our work; self-discovery and change.

Trust your instincts that there should be—must be—more to your experience in therapy. You are absolutely right. And we, at The Studio, are right there with you.