A spiritual perspective of support, assistance, or direction in our lives

Has your faith been shaken by painful life experiences or the state of the world today?

Have you left the religion of your birth because of disillusionment, anger, or disgust?

Perhaps you have never had a belief in a higher power or you are unable any longer to even utter the word “God” because it sticks in your throat.

Or maybe you feel somewhat stuck on your path and are looking for support or guidance on your spiritual journey.


If you see yourself in any of the above descriptions you may want to consider spiritual counseling. Spiritual counseling provides a helping relationship from a spiritual perspective to those looking for support, assistance, or direction in their lives. Its goal is to assist people in knowing themselves as whole, completely acceptable and worthy of love, and able to love and forgive freely.

Spiritual counseling can assist those who already have a belief in a higher power, strengthening and deepening their relationship with the Divine in a way that is meaningful to her or him. But it can also be useful to those who don’t have a belief in God but are feeling the need to connect to something larger than themselves. The spiritual exploration in these cases can be about defining what this “larger something” is for each person individually.

Whatever religious or spiritual background you are coming from, or whether you have one at all, spiritual counseling can help you to understand and work with the problems, patterns, and blocks in your life by utilizing spiritual or metaphysical perspectives, tools, and strategies. By exploring these spiritual questions, concerns, and difficulties in a safe, supportive, and caring environment the process of spiritual growth is facilitated.



Spiritual counseling is not about a counselor imposing a particular belief system or spiritual perspective or practices on clients. All paths are recognized and affirmed and the work together is about discovering which path is meaningful and helpful for you.
Spiritual counseling is also not psychotherapy for mental health concerns. If you are feeling depressed, anxious or troubled to the degree that these conditions are interfering significantly in your day to day functioning, then spiritual counseling alone may not be sufficient. Qualified mental health professionals are called for in these situations. As a licensed clinical social worker and therapist, as well as, an ordained interfaith minister, I combine psychotherapy and spiritual counseling in a way that addresses underlying mental health challenges, while speaking to and exploring the larger questions of spirituality.

If you are interested in exploring spiritual counseling or need help in determining whether spiritual counseling or mental health treatment is right for you. I will be happy to discuss these questions with you.


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