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Parent coaching offers guidance and education on tools and strategies to support children across various developmental stages. The goals of parent coaching are to:

  • Improve parent-child communication skills
  • Provide support with limit-setting, creating structure, giving effective directions, using rewards and consequences effectively to attend to positive behaviors, and reinforcing therapeutic goals outside of sessions. 

Do you notice your child?  

  • Having difficulty listening  
  • Becoming upset easily 
  • Worrying or crying easily 
  • Having difficulty with transitions 
  • Having frequent outbursts or meltdowns 

If so, understand that these are common challenges, and our parental coaching program can help.  With parent coaching and parental guidance, we provide parents with support and education on tools and strategies for children across various developmental stages. 

Trust your instincts that there should be—must be—more to your experience in therapy. You are absolutely right. And we, at The Studio, are right there with you.