For the past ten years, Dr. Rasheed has worked as a psychotherapist and has extensive counseling training in a variety of areas. Dr. Rasheed grew up and trained in Dallas, Texas where she had her own private practice seeing individual adult clients and groups, while also educating on emotional health.

In individual and group therapy, Dr. Rasheed works together with clients to learn customized coping skills and techniques that will help him or her reach their goals. She attunes to the client, observing each client’s unique needs and adapting strategies to better suit each client. Dr. Rasheed conveys empathy, a nurturing attitude, patience, and acceptance toward all of her clients.

As a LifeForce Yoga Practitioner (LFYP), Dr. Rasheed employs yoga for treating depression and anxiety and is certified in Yoga for 12-Step Recovery and Psychology of the Body System. She uses the connection between mind, body, and breath in the counseling session to access the body’s healing power, and harnesses the power of mindfulness to elevate mood. Dr. Rasheed believes that roots of sadness and anxiety are often learned in infancy throughout our relationships with others before we are even able to speak. When we experience hardship in life, our bodies store emotional wounds in different places. How can we truly address these nonverbal issues using only talk therapy as a recovery tool?

In addition to clinical practice, Dr. Rasheed speaks for many organizations in the Dallas and Chicago areas, has often appeared on local Dallas ethnic radio stations discussing emotional health and has served as adjunct professor at University of North Texas. Dr. Rasheed has published articles on counseling education, counseling supervision, and multicultural issues. Dr. Rasheed believes in the importance of service to the community, having provided pro bono counseling services for local non-profit organizations in the North Texas area.
Dr. Rasheed’s education, clinical experience, and volunteer service have afforded her the knowledge, insight, and skill to work with you and help you meet your needs.

Dr. Rasheed is available for individual and group talk therapy and/or talk + body psychotherapy and classes. She is also available for speakerships, workshops, and company team building.

Outside the studio, Dr. Rasheed loves to practice yoga and tai chi; in addition to playing with her dog, Winnie.

“Don’t fight the darkness; bring the light and the darkness will disappear.”—M. Mahesh