Kate Jonesco Lower, LCPC

Kate’s practice proceeds from the fundamental principle that we each define the path to our own well-being. As a board-certified dance and movement therapist, she helps client to explore the mind-body connection and its powerful role in therapy.

Kate helps her clients seek healing and growth in their struggles with depression, stress, anxiety, insecurity and emotional or physical trauma (such as from pregnancy, surgery, abuse or other causes). Kate’s work is informed by the knowledge that all these conditions affect—and are influenced by—our physical bodies as well as our emotional minds. She fosters safe, positive and empowering therapeutic relationships within which her clients find the comfort to deepen self-awareness, identify and employ strengths and create long-lasting, positive change.

Kate holds a master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling from Columbia College in Chicago, and has worked extensively with people recovering from physical and emotional trauma, as well as those battling chronic mental illness and addiction.

Kate is available to work with adult individuals, couples and groups.

Outside the studio, Kate loves to read and eat and travel as often as possible!

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